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SPANISH GUITAR IN ITS PURE ESSENCE - Do you want to hire Spanish guitarists for your event? You are in the right place!

‘Alborada’ is the latest single to come from Thálassa, the Spanish guitar duo whose talent knows no bounds.

Billed as the fifth single from the highly-anticipated impending album they’ve both been working tirelessly on, they’ve also released an accompanying music video that gives us a glimpse of their beautiful new composition. 

Sat atop a viewpoint overlooking a tranquil, sun-drenched city, the video details Thálassa’s seamless performance which amplifies the gorgeous Mediterranean scenery behind them. 

The piece of music exemplifies the duo’s talent and chemistry as seasoned Spanish guitar players, as they glide up and down their frets in tandem, the notes flowing from their fingers in a meditative manner. They draw upon the ancestry of traditional Spanish guitarists, but express their own unique language in their music.

The two visionaries that make up Thálassa are classical guitarists Mauri Gómez and José Miguel Galera, whose mission was to use the traditions of Spanish music and traditional guitar but add their own twist on the genre, merging various regional and technical styles. Their sound is undeniably Mediterranean, but the balance of both Spanish guitarists that have their own distinct styles creates something fresh and entirely captivating. 

According to the duo, the inspiration behind ‘Alborada’ was to reflect the dawn of the new age we’re living in. Given that the last year or so has been strange, painful, and disconnecting in many ways, this composition hints at a hopeful future and new beginnings. 

Their style is both intimate and grandiose, so would perfectly suit both smaller venues and larger scale events, as the duo adapts their set-up between a duo, a trio, and sextet depending on the occasion. 

Whilst we await their promising new album, the Spanish guitar duo are available for hire so you can experience their mesmerising performances in person. Their stunning compositions are guaranteed to enchant all kinds of international audiences, and would be suited to performing at theatres, festivals, galas, ceremonies, exhibitions, weddings, after dinner experiences, and corporate events. 

Thalassa’s passionate, absorbing, and authentic performances are a unique experience you need to see, hear, and feel.