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Spanish Guitar Duo - Mediterranean Spanish Guitar

Thálassa is a Spanish guitar duo consisting of Mauri Gómez and Jose Miguel Galera.

This is definitely one of the most exciting new Spanish guitar bands out there, so if you do enjoy this style, it doesn’t get any better in terms of Spanish guitar music!

Both musicians are incredibly accomplished guitar players, who mastered the fine art of flamenco guitar, while also bringing a breath of fresh air to their sound and allowing the audience to enjoy a very immersive and soothing atmosphere with their music.

The pair has been busy creating some some new new ideas and let different influences inspire them.

In fact, this amazing duo has recently managed to transform all of those ideas into a stunning new song release: Eolus.

This new track has a very distinctive flow to it, with swirling guitar arpeggios that provide a very dream-like feel to the listening experience, making for a soothing and ethereal musical flow.

The vibe of this composition is like a nice summer breeze: cooling, refreshing and calming, giving the audience a sense of belonging and mental positivity.

On one hand, the song has a smooth fluidity that lends so much immediacy and groove to the sound. On the other, there are many solid elements making Eolus a lot more upfront and substantial. 

It’s not always easy to come up with such balanced guitar playing, especially as a duo, but Thálassa definitely did a fantastic job channeling its vision on Eolus.

This release is filled with tiny little details that add so much interest and strength to the big picture, enchaining this composition and taking Thálassa’s craft to the very next level.

This is the kind of music that really bags for your attention. Play it loud, sit back, and let it flow out of your speakers (or headphones!)

This song is actually going to be featured on the band’s upcoming album, which will be released at the end of the year.

At the moment, “Eolus” is a perfect “first taste” of what you can expect from this band, and a truly fantastic addition to the pair’s discography and musical heritage.

Find out more about Thálassa, and do not miss out on Eolus, which is currently available on the best digital streaming platforms on the web today.

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