Spanish Guitar in Barcelona in it's pure Esssence - Do you want to hire Spanish guitarists for your event? You are in the right place!

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Inject some Latin flavour into your events, and create a unique mood that draws from the passion and vibrancy of Mediterranean culture by hiring our Spanish guitar artists.

If you want to keep your guests entertained with the infectious rhythms and engrossing drama of southern Spain, then look no further than our supreme Spanish guitar duo, Thálassa.

Hailing from Barcelona, Thálassa is made up of two visionaries of Spanish guitar music: Mauri Gómez and José Miguel Galera.

Both guitarists draw from the traditions of Spanish guitar music and classical guitar, but throughout their careers have absorbed various regional and technical styles of playing which merge to create something beautiful and quite spectacular. 

Whilst their roots are in Spanish guitar music, their sound is undeniably Mediterranean, as they incorporate a broader palette of styles and sounds to create compositions that are traditional and authentic, but at the same time flexible and fresh.

Working together as Thálassa, Gómez and Galera have established a unique bond and balance that is seldom experienced with Spanish guitarists for unique events in Barcelona.

They explore new rhythms, new harmonies, and new emotions with one another, both improvising and evolving during their performances.

They bend and weave to the mood of the audience, whether they’re performing in a historic auditorium, a laid-back beachside bar, a bustling city pavilion, or a lively party where they create the energy in the room. 

Thálassa mould their performance based on the requirements of the event, being able to expertly perform traditional Flamenco guitar music, chilled-out classical pieces, or evocative ambient compositions of their own.

Aside from Spanish classical guitar, they also incorporate instruments like the violin, the saxophone, the Indian tabla, the flamenco cajón, and even a MIDI drum set for a suggestion of electronic music if the nature of the event calls for it.

They can even expand their set-up from a duo to a trio or a sextet depending on the environment of the performance. This adaptability and eclecticism means they’re the ideal Spanish guitar artists for any size event, no matter how big or small, or how intimate or grandiose. 

The duo’s performances are guaranteed to mesmerise, enchant, and excite all kinds of audiences from around the world. Take their recent single ‘Alborada’ for example, a song written to reflect the disconnect we’ve felt in recent times and help us look towards a hopeful future.

Or their most notable composition to date, ‘Eolus’, a Mediterranean-inspired piece that exemplifies Thálassa’s authenticity and traditional expertise, but also their desire to create moving, and inspiring music. 

Their stunning performances would be suited to a range of events like theatres, festivals, galas, ceremonies, exhibitions, weddings, after dinner experiences, and corporate events. Don’t hold back, and book the ideal Spanish guitar artists for your events.