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Do you need to hire spanish guitar players for your event? You are in the right place!

Organising an event that needs an extra bit of spice?

Then enlighten your events, parties, and celebrations with some authentic Spanish flavour by hiring the best of our Spanish guitarists

Our experienced, passionate, and extremely talented Spanish guitar acts are masters of their craft, and will leave a lasting stamp on your events that’ll live long in the memory.

Whether it’s more traditional compositions you want to hear, or more modern takes on the genre, our Spanish guitar acts can bring a wide repertoire of music to your themed events, award ceremonies, gala dinners, after dinner experiences, and much more. 

The origins of Spanish guitar (or classical guitar) music can be traced back to the late 19th century, where luthiers like Ignacio Fleta and Antonio de Torres Jurado pioneered what we now know to be modern classical guitar.

The distinct finger-picking technique is what defines Spanish guitar music, as well as the rich repertoire that has conjured emotion and passion around the world throughout the ages. 

Given the atmospheric nature of Spanish classical guitar compositions, the ebb and flow of performances can adapt to any mood or environment – whether it’s a performance to create drama, romance, humour, to soothe, to excite, to thrill, to reduce audiences to tears, this is precisely what our Spanish guitarists and bands for hire can accommodate.

Our Spanish guitarists for hire follow in the footsteps of this resplendent history, and will enrich your events with the cultural heritage and passionate spirit of Spanish music wherever they may be, and whatever the occasion.

For instance, Thálassa is a Spanish guitar duo on our books for hire that is rooted in Spanish classical guitar music, but incorporates more Mediterranean influences and instrumentation from violin, to the saxophone, to the Indian tabla to name just a few.

Of course, their performances are centered around the duo of Mauri Gómez and José Miguel Galera, both of which are virtuosos of the classical guitar in their own right, but together they combine to create a sound that’s incredibly moving.

Exploring various harmonies and rhythms, their chilled-out, captivating brand of Spanish classical guitar music bends and weaves to the atmosphere of their performance, as they constantly evolve, improvise, and create new musical paths in real time.

Then there’s Mareas, who are also available for hire, a five-piece Spanish guitar and world music fusion band who merge the individual identities of their band members (who originate from Chile, Brazil, Spain, France, and Nepal respectively) to form a sound that’s unique and quite spectacular.

Again anchored around the Spanish guitar, the band blend their cultural backgrounds whilst spanning flamenco, jazz, Bossa Nova, chill-out, and Meditterranean influences in their music.

They’re versatile, and absolutely brimming with vitality. 

If you’re thinking of booking some Spanish guitar music to make your event unique, and any of the above artists have piqued your interest, then contact us today to hire the authentic and passionate acts your event needs.