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If you’re wanting to conjure the inimitable passion, emotion, and fiery Spanish atmosphere at your parties, events, and functions, then look no further than our Flamenco guitar players for hire

Our specialist Flamenco guitar players provide world class entertainment and an authentic experience of southern Spain’s beloved and world renowned culture.

Drawing from the traditions of classical Spanish guitar regional to Andalusia, keep your guests entertained and spellbound by the infectious rhythms and captivating drama of southern Spain

Every one of our Flamenco guitar players for hire possesses unrivalled experience and talent, and are capable of creating moments of magic that’ll leave your events living long in the memory.

Whether it’s more traditional compositions you want to hear, or more modern takes on the genre, our Flamenco guitar players can bring a wide repertoire of music to your events and can adapt to the occasion.

The origins of Flamenco music date back to the late 18th century, where the style was largely defined by three major components: the tonality, the rhythm, and the performer.

These fundamental elements must come together to be truly ‘Flamenco’.

The Flamenco guitarist or ‘tocaores’ is widely characterised by the manner in which they play the guitar which differs to that of classical guitarists – the flamenco guitarist crosses his legs and supports it on the leg that sits higher, placing the neck of the guitar in a virtually horizontal position, parallel to the ground. 

Flamenco has become so adored and respected both inside and outside of Spain, that it is nowadays regarded as an emblem of the country’s cultural identity despite originating in the south. 

Our Flamenco guitarists for hire closely follow and respect this resplendent history, and can enrich your events with the cultural heritage and passionate spirit of Spanish music wherever they may be, and whatever the occasion.

Firstly there’s Thálassa, a Spanish guitar duo we have available for hire that are true masters of their craft.

Centred around the performances of Mauri Gómez and José Miguel Galera, their love of Flamenco pours out of each finger tip when they play, resulting in an expressional and authentic experience.

Experts in traditional Flamenco guitar music, they also incorporate influences ranging from Spanish classical guitar and Mediterranean instrumentation. 

Then there’s Mareas, a five-piece Flamenco guitar and world music fusion band who are also available for hire.

Mareas merge the individual identities and traditions of their band members to form a sound that’s unique, spectacular, and truly authentic.

With a sound that spans Spanish guitar, jazz, Bossa Nova, chill-out, and Mediterranean influences, their versatile and vibrant style has Flamenco at its heart. 

Perfect for any private function including parties, weddings, festivals, ceremonies, corporate or themed events, our expert Flamenco guitar players for hire are ready to inject your event with the distinct and passionate flavour of southern Spain.