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Do you need to book or hire flamenco dancers for your event in Barcelona? You are in the right place!

Add some Spanish fire and feeling to your parties, events, and celebrations with our first-class Flamenco bands with dancers available for hire in Barcelona

When you hear Flamenco music, you envisage traditional long-tailed dresses, matadors, vibrant dancing, laughter, intensity, passion, joy, emotion, the clapping of castanets, and carefree enjoyment.

That’s precisely the sentiments our Flamenco bands accompanied with dancers capture with their authentic renditions of the Spanish cultural music. 

Celebrating the traditions and culture of Flamenco music, the performances of our Flamenco bands in Barcelona inspire and captivate audiences across the world, as this passionate form of expression is universally admired. 

Flamenco music differs slightly from classical guitar, as the tempo often is more upbeat, rhythmic, and undeniably infectious.

Rather than the delicate finger-picking playing style associated with classical guitar compositions, Flamenco guitarists utilise a technique known as togue.

This requires a combination of finger-picking with strumming that creates a unique intensity and drama only associated with Flamenco guitar music in Barcelona

The vibrancy and passion of Flamenco dancers and music has the ability to form an atmosphere and environment at any given event, but the style of music is also flexible and adaptable, flowing with and reflecting the mood of who’s listening to, dancing to, or embracing its beauty.

Performances can spark immense drama, romance, and humour, and can also excite, thrill, and reduce audiences to tears. This is precisely what our Spanish guitarists and bands for hire can accommodate.

Entremares, our primary Flamenco band for hire, exemplify that adaptability and capacity to create a passionate, vibrant atmosphere wherever they perform with their compelling signature sound.

With a core of two Spanish guitarists, their band expands depending on the setting, inviting along a violinist, a flutist, and a versatile percussionist if the event or occasion permits. 

Since forming in 2014, Entremares have introduced a wider palette of influences into their repertoire, drawing upon classical Spanish, Flamenco, jazz, Mediterranean music, and chill-out compositions.

They’re able to dictate their aesthetic depending on the mood of the occasion – from relaxed, beautiful music being played in the background, to performing with the energy and passion you’d expect from traditional Flamenco music and dancers, they’re fully capable of doing it all.

On request, Entremares are available to perform worldwide, having already performed at various corporate and private events all across the world, including in Spain, Japan, France, Sweden, Holland, China, and more.

If you want the fully-fledged Flamenco music experience, why not hire our superb Flamenco dancers to perform alongside our bands? Dancing alongside the best Flamenco Spanish guitarists on offer, they’ll bring an additional feeling of intensity, drama, and tradition with the full Flamenco experience.