Thalassa – Spanish Guitar

Band Briefing

Thálassa is an ongoing musical project that mixes its Mediterranean essence with several styles, such as flamenco and Chill-out, which results in a unique sonority suitable for all sizes of concerts. 

Since Thálassa has heavy Mediterranean influences, the composition will feature a Spanish guitar and can include other supporting instruments such as violin, saxophone, or the Indian Tabla, to name a few. 

The Spanish guitar takes the lead when it comes to harmony and rhythm, and this allows the supporting instruments to explore new musical paths and improvise each time they play. 

Therefore, Thálassa is customizable to any event depending on the audience, type of event, and the number of Thálassa players involved.

Last Video

Experience in both Private and Corporate Events.

Customizable repertoire according to the event.

From three to eight musicians.

Unique instrumental fusion.

Available worldwide.

Flamenco and Spanish music roots mixed with World Music.

About Thálassa

From trio to sextet, Thálassa is available for performances worldwide. The defining features of Thálassa are its Mediterranean essence and exploratory nature, meaning the project is in constant evolution.

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