Band Briefing

Mareas is a music band that fuses the unique cultures of their bandmates together to create their special sound. Although every concert follows general guidelines, their performances are often improvised and include influences of Mediterranean music, flamenco, jazz, Bossa Nova, and chill-out, among others. 

The five musicians who make up Mareas are each from different countries: Chile, Brazil, Spain, France, and Nepal.

Thanks to their different cultural backgrounds, Mareas blends together diverse instruments such as the Spanish guitar, Indian Tabla, Cajón Flamenco, Hang Drum, and Bansuri to create their music.  

Since the musicians are skilled improvisers, they will adapt to each venue and deliver unique and customized performances each time, depending on what the event requires.

Furthermore, Mareas is able to add a female singer if the event perhaps requires a feminine voice. Created in 2017, the band Mareas is an ode to the fusion of cultures of its bandmates and utilizes this fusion to drive their unique sound. 

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Experience in both Private and Corporate Events.

Customizable repertoire according to the event.

From three to eight musicians.

Unique instrumental fusion.

Available worldwide.

World Music Chill Out

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About Us

Mareas its the perfect group if you need World Music in yout event. We can play from Chill Out Music, and go through classical or flamenco style. Its very suitable for weddings, white parties, lounge clubs…

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