Entremares flamenco music band

Band Briefing

The Entremares are a music band that mixes Mediterranean music with flamenco, and jazz and has played more than 120 concerts worldwide since its formation in 2014.

They have played for corporate and private events all across the world, including in Spain, Japan, France, Sweden, Holland, China, and more. 

The Entremares feature two Spanish guitarists, a violinist or flutist depending on the event, as well as a versatile percussionist who can play a variety of instruments, including the Bongos, Cajón Flamenco, and Indian Tabla, to name a few.

The Entremares also offer between three to eight different musicians, which adds to their versatility and means that the band is able to deliver hundreds of different effects and sounds. This results in a unique performance each time that can be customized to suit the needs of the event. 

By mixing flamenco, classical Spanish music, and elements like jazz or chill-out with a Mediterranean flair, the Entremares have a vast repertoire. They can play from the quietest and most beautiful music to the most energetic and passionate songs. Also, depending on the event, flamenco dancers can be added to the performance to add further Spanish touches to the event.

Overall, the Entremares are an excellent band for all occasions, whether background music is required or energetic music is needed to engage the guests. 

Created by Mauri Gómez, the Entremares are the perfect fusion of Mediterranean, flamenco, jazz, and chill-out music. Their expertise and creativity result in a unique sonic experience each time they play.

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Experience in both Private and Corporate Events.

Customizable repertoire according to the event.

From three to eight musicians.

Unique instrumental fusion.

Available worldwide.

Flamenco and Spanish music roots mixed with World Music.

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About Entremares

Entremares its the perfect music band if you are are searching for a flamenco band that its able to cheer up your event and give a touch of Spanish Soul.

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