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Band Briefing – Up to six musicians and four flamenco dancers

When it comes to parties, events, or celebrations, evoke the unique sense of mysticism, passion, and fiery spanish energy with our Flamenco dancers for hire in Barcelona.

An immersive visual spectacle combining song, guitar, and dance, the vibrant culture of southern Spain is universally translated through Flamenco dancers’ passionate, emotional, and spellbinding movements and routines.

The musicians play from the more traditional flamenco to the flamenco mixed with spanish classical guitar and mediterranean flavours, resulting in a unique combination.

Our flamenco music band consists in two Spanish guitars, saxophone and drums, but depending in the event we can add more musicians, such as violin, flamenco singers…

Our specialist Flamenco dancers provide world class entertainment and an authentic experience of Spain’s beloved culture. Renowned worldwide for its sensuality, poise, precision, and pure passion, Flamenco dancers interpret Flamenco guitar music using their lightning-quick footwork with outstanding precision and emotion.

There are numerous styles that represent Flamenco dancing, and with our outstanding roster of dancers we can find the perfect style to match your event; if you’re looking for a purely traditional performance where our dancers incorporate flamenco dresses, castanets, shawls, and fans, we can accommodate; if you want a more modest, stripped-back style to suit your stylish event, we can provide what you need; if you want the flavour of Flamenco but a more contemporary, multi-generational spin, then we have Flamenco fusion hip-hop and rock artists to bring a Flamenco-influenced energy to your modern event. Our range of Flamenco dancers for hire is unparalleled.

The art form of Flamenco dancing as we now recognise it originally took shape during the late 18th century and early 19th century, originating within the traditions of the Calé Roma or Gitanos. The style of dancing is uniquely Andalusian, mixing both cultures of both Spanish and Roma – the word Flamenco itself is a portmanteau, a literal combination of various cultures and styles.

Flamenco music is made up of over 50 alternate styles or ‘palos’ which are characterised by different rhythms, intonations, geographic origins, chord progressions, and stanzaic forms. Certain palos can suit specifically men or women, and it depends on the expertise of the dancers to translate these numerous styles into vivid, emotive, and vibrant performances.

Baile, the form of Flamenco expression through dance, is renowned globally for the dancer’s stance, standing upright with a proud carriage whilst their hands clapping rhythmically and their feet stamp with a unique emotional intensity and precision. As the years have gone on, Flamenco dancers have become more technical in their performances, so much in fact that contemporary Flamenco requires years of study to perfect. Similarly, our Flamenco dancers for hire offer a level of expertise you won’t find elsewhere.

Ideal for any private function including parties, weddings, festivals, ceremonies, corporate or themed events, our exceptional Flamenco dancers are ready to inject your event with the distinct and rich flavour of southern Spain.

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Experience in both Private and Corporate Events.

Customizable repertoire according to the event.

From three to six musicians.

Up to four flamenco dancers.

Based in Barcelona, available worldwide.

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About our Flamenco Show

If you are looking for a  show with dancers and musicians that mixes classical and modern flamenco, Thálassa its the perfect music band for your event. 

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