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Welcome to MG Music Management. Your best option for hiring a Spanish music band for your next private or corporate event!

With multiple bands specializing in Mediterranean music, Spanish flamenco, chill-out, World Music, and more, we have the best Spanish music bands for hire worldwide.

My name is Mauri Gómez, and I am a musician and a producer here at MG Music Management.

I provide artistic support to bands and musicians looking to hire out their skills worldwide, and I have been organizing concerts for over 15 years now.

From 2003-2007 I attended the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona, a teaching institution devoted to music education in Barcelona, Spain. Throughout my personal career, I have played in more than 50 concerts and have recorded three albums. I love the Spanish Guitar, and my favorite genres of music to listen to are Mediterranean music, flamenco, and chill-out.

We not only have bands across different genres, but the musicians can play a wide range of instruments, including the Spanish Guitar, Indian Tabla, Bongos, Cajón Flamenco, Hang Drum, Bansuri, violin, and flutes, to name a few.

In addition, our musicians are so skilled at their craft that they often allow for improvisation and creativity to flow during a performance. This means that any time you hire one of our Spanish music bands you will get a customized experience unique to your event and tailored to your needs.

So whether you need background music or more upbeat and engaging music, hiring a Spanish music band provides your guests with a unique experience that they won’t find anywhere else!

MG Music Management offers bands for hire worldwide, so we can provide our services to you no matter where you live. Furthermore, our musicians are versatile and are comfortable playing at both corporate and private events to accommodate all types of occasions.

MG Music Management | Hire Spanish Music Bands for Your Event

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MG Music Management | Hire Spanish Music Bands for Your Event

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